We give great importance in providing perfect solution for Corrosion & calcium scale. We have a constant demand for our services over global basis.




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2016.02.12 “NMR Pipetector” is now on “NewsWatch TV USA”.

Go to http://newswatchtv.com/2016/02/12/nmr-pipetector/and see the greatest new technology.

2015.11.06 Exhibition info. We exhibited at GREENBUILD 2015 (Tokyo Pavilion).

GREENBUILD(Washington DC)2015 More info.GREENBUILD Attendee Registration

2014.11.03 Exhibition info. We exhibited at the IGEM 2014 (Tokyo Pavilion).

IGEM(Malasia)2014 More info.

2014.05.15 Exhibition info. We exhibited at IFAT 2014 (Japan pavilion) in Munich, Germany.

IFAT(Germany)2014 More info.


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