NMR Pipetector

More than 3,900 successful installations including The Palace of Westminster in London.

Good for Water Supply Pipe Work for Domestic Cold & Hot and Hot & Chilled Central Heating & Cooling System

1. Are you experiencing problems with internal Red Rust in the existing central heating, or domestic hot, cold and chilled water supply pipe work?.

2. Are you experiencing very high maintenance costs due to leaks or pipe work replacement?

Clogging in the Valve Damage on screw thread

If answer is YES, NMR Pipetector is The best solution! Please contact Us!

NMR Pipetector is an unique electrolytic anti-corrosion device powered by NMR technology that completely stops development of internal red-rust.

NMR Pipetector converts existing internal Red Rust to Magnetite (Black-Rust) and rebirth the water pipe work.

NMR Technology is Patented technology in Japan, U.S.A, Europe, South Korea and Hong Kong.

Patent No.

In Japan In Europe In U.S.A.
No.3952477 No.1634642 No.7622038
In Hong Kong In South Korea
HK1087963 No.436113



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