Features | NMR Pipetector

Completely stops internal development of red-rust.

Converts existing internal Red Rust to Magnetite ( Black Rust ) and provides complete protection to all the pipe work.

What is Black Rust(Magnetite)?

Black Rust is a hard crystal and its cubic size is less than 1/10th of Red Rust. Magnetite has been used as a corrosion protective material through the ages and Magnetite is still used to-day as a surface coating for cooking utensils including Steam Locomotives and many other products.

Extends life time of water pipe work more than 40 years.
(Provides protective magnetite barrier to inner wall of pipe work) 

Reduces internal blocking as the cubic size of Magnetite is only 1/10th of Red Rust.

Completely resolves Red-water problem.

Cost is less than 1/10th of renewal of the water pipe work.

No electrical connections, no chemicals are used and no other additions are required.
Completely Maintenance Free!

No stopping water during installation.
Ideal solution for places like Hotels and Hospitals!

Applicable to various type of pipes and pipe size variation from 25mm up to 2,000mm

Terminates algae and single cell bacteria

10 years warranty