Biofilm Elimination

The Pipetector increases penetrability of water by breaking up water clusters to smaller

Single-cell bacteria, such as amoeba, adhere to each other and form biofilms inside water pipes. Supersaturated solution of high penetrability can eliminate such biofilms.

Water that passes through the device will increase its penetrability and hence penetrates into biofilms produced by single-cell bacteria.

The biofilms burst from the inside as excessive water penetrates into them.

Amoeba and single cell bacteria, main causes of biofilms formation, are thus eliminated.

Pipetector test result at a bacteria laboratory in Saitama Prefecture, Japan

[Test result] Single-cell bacteria was reduced within a designated time. The bacteria, which were incubated at the lab, were putted in water to see the change in number. The results are shown in the below chart.