It has been a common practice until now to rinse inside water pipes with acid to remove scale deposits. The rinsing is however expensive and unfriendly to environment.

The Non Scalor is designed to prevent deposits of calcium scale inside water pipes without using any scale inhibitors nor other chemicals.

As water passes through a pipe fitted with a Non Scalor unit, calcium compounds in water are decomposed to ultrafine particles of calcium carbonate, preventing them from depositing inside piping systems.

The Non Scalor can solve issues regarding calcium deposits without reducing pipe strength. Since the device does not require external power supply for its operation, no operating cost is incurred.

One pipe system, one device.

The Non Scalor can be fitted on a pipe connected with heat exchangers and other equipment that have serious issues regarding calcium scales within.

Applicable pipe diameters for the device is from 13 mm up to 200 mm. Its applicable maximum water pressure is 1,000 kilo-pascal.

We recommend you install a Pipetector unit together with a Non Scalor unit to provide protection against corrosion damage as well in water pipes.