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Safe and Secure Effectiveness proven in all installations for 31 years

Anti-corrosion and pipe renewal device NMR PIPETECTOR®

NMR Pipetector prevents red rust in domestic cold, hot and central heating, chilled water pipes in apartments, hotels, hospital and other building and extends lifespan of the piping as long as that of buildings without replacement. It is the most cost-efficient way to address red rust-related problems as it can be effective at a short period of time without shutting off water supply.

4 Reasons Why NMR Pipetector is Chosen

Here are the reasons why NMR Pipetector is supported by our customers

Points of Reliability

We recommend NMR Pipetector with confidence


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A. No operation cost is required.

NMR Pipetector does not require any maintenance nor operation costs. There is no use of filters or chemicals, and the product itself is maintenance-free throughout its lifespan.

A. If your building has an average water consumption for residence, the device will be effective within a few weeks to a month.

For buildings that have an average water consumption for family house (200 to 300 L/day), NMR Pipetector can reduce level of iron content in a couple of weeks to a month. In case amount of water consumption is small, it may take 3 to 6 months at the maximum.

A. Not at all. It's completely harmless.

NMR Pipetector is harmless to human. NMR phenomenon, which is applied to the device, is used for hospital's MRI equipment with high safety. Since magnetic and electromagnetic waves generated from NMR Pipetector are extremely weak, it does not harm a person with a pacemaker.

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