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Anti-scale Device

Anti-scale Device

Innovative technology without any use of chemicals

  • Prevents damage on pumps
  • Prevents reduction in heat exchanger efficiency
  • Prevents scale adhesion

The device oxidizes calcium elements dissolved in water as calcium hydroxide and dispereses them in water as ultra-fine particles (nanoparticle) of calcium carbonate. This prevents calcium scales from adhering on inner surface of pumps and heat exchangers boilers among them.

Features / Mechanism


  • Prevention of calcium scale adhesion
    • Prevention of propella damage in water pumps
    • Prevention of reduction in heat exchanger efficiency
    • Significant reduction of maitenance frequency and cost
    • Reduction of frequency of production line stoppage
    • Prevention of calcium scale adhesion in pipes for hot spring
  • 10-year product warranty
  • Prevents bacterial growth and biofilm formation
  • No chemicals required
  • No external power supply required
  • Energy-saving and environmental protective product
  • Suitable for pipes with inner diameter ranging from 13 to 250 mm
  • Japanese, American, Hong Kong and S. Korean patents obtained
  • Registed on NETIS, New Technology Information System administered by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism


Generally, calcium elements are dissolved in water as calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2). In water where its temperature frequently changes or its pH is acidic, the elements combine with free carbonic acid in water or carbon dioxide gas in the air to form an unsaluble solid crystal of calcium carbonate. This results in solid calcium scales adhesing on inner surface of pumps, boilers and other heat exchangers, piping, etc. When water containing calcium elements passes though a pipe fitted with Non-Scalor, those elements come into direct contact with two types of metal plates that have different electrical polarities inside the device. This is when the elements are oxidized to ultrafine particles of calcium carbonate and disperse in water. The nanoparicle calcium carbonate does not change its state even water temperature or pH changes. Thus, solid calcium scales will not adhere to inner surface of such epuipment.

*For the full function of Non-Scalor, we recommend you use chemicals, such as antioxidants or scale inhibitors, at the minimum amout.
You can continue using other fungicides and anti-legionella compounds.

Product Structure

Product Structure

The NMR Pipetector unit functions to prevent calcium scales from adhering to the metal plates inside the Non-Scalor unit. In the Non-scalor unit, two metal plates A and B oxidize calcium ions (Ca2+) in water and convert them into ultrafine particles of clcium carbonate, CaCo3, that disperse in water.

Case Study

A plant of a major steel company in Japan / Prevention of propella damage in a water pump

Non-scalor installation date: July 11, 2012

At a plant, production lines stopped more than 13 times a year due to damage inside pumps and cleaning works of calcium scales formed within. After installing Non-Scalor, there was no line stoppage for over 6 months, and scale particles on the pumps were fine and soft. The device prevented lime scale damage in the pumps, prevented production lines from stopping, and achieved a significant reduction in maintenance fee.

Before installing Non-scalor
Before installing Non-scalor

Solid calcium scales adhered inside a pump casing
Thick and solid crystals of calcium carbonate adhered inside a pump casing and caused damage to the impellers, lowring pump efficiency.

After installing Non-Scalor
After installing Non-Scalor

No scales adhered inside the pump casing
There is no problem with operation of the pump as the adhesed scales turned to soft and ultrafine powder of calcium carbonate on the pump caseing and the propellas.

A major chemical plant in Japan / Prevention of reduction in heat exchanger efficientcy

Non-scalor installation date: September 14, 2000

A heat exchanger at a chemical plant was cleaned and cleansed every five month to address calcium scales. The scales adhered to the heat exchanger and caused a decrese in the cooling efficiency and also a degradation in product quality. As a result of installing Non-Scalor as countermeasure of issues regarding calcium scales and internal corrosion, no scales were adhered to the heat exchanger after 5 months, and red rust was reduced to black.

Before installing Non-scalor
Before installing Non-scalor
After 5 months
After 5 months

Solves pipe clogging due to calcium scales in hard water: preventing bending machine tubes from clogging in the UK

Non-scalor installation date: October 16, 2010

Tubes inside a vending machine in London were clogged with calcium scales. The tubes got cleaned, but only 6 months after the cleaning work the tubes were clogged again. 6 month after the installation of Non-Scalor, the adhesion of calcium scales in the water tank and the tubes were completely eliminated, while a tube in another vending machine without Non-Scalor still had a clog rate at 50%.

Before iinstalling Non-scalor
Before iinstalling Non-scalor

The water tube was clogged by 50%, and scale adhesion expanded at the lower side of a water tank.

After 6 months
After 6 months

No scale was obserbed in the tube and at the lower poart of a water tank.

Suitable Pipe Specification

The NMR Pipetector unit is fitted outside a pipe, and the Non-Scalor unit is inserted between pipes next to the fitted NMR Pipetector unit.
There are two types of Non-Scalor, depending on pipe diameter.

Screw-in type(Product number:NS-13 ~ NS-50)
Screw-in type(NS-13? NS-50)
Flange type(Product number:NS-65 ~ NS-250)
Flange type(NS-65? NS-250)
Product number W×X×Y×D Total length(L) Applicable flow rate Weight(PT/NS) Suitable pipe inner diameter
NS-13 80.0×100.4×186×34.7㎜ 386.4㎜ 10-28L 0.8㎏/0.8㎏ 13㎜
NS-20 80.0×100.4×247×34.7㎜ 447.4㎜ 24-45L 0.8㎏/1㎏ 20㎜
NS-25 80.0×100.4×296×39.5㎜ 496.4㎜ 41-78L 0.8㎏/3㎏ 25㎜
NS-30 85.8×121.5×367×68㎜ 588.5㎜ 76-110L 0.8㎏/3㎏ 30㎜
NS-40 115.5×121.5×445×68㎜ 666.5㎜ 106-190L 1.2㎏/3㎏ 40㎜
NS-50 115.5×121.5×502×68㎜ 723.5㎜ 186-280L 1.2㎏/4.5㎏ 50㎜
NS-65 144.1×121.5×428×175㎜ 649.5㎜ 281-450L 1.7㎏/15㎏ 65㎜
NS-75 144.1 ×121.5×480×185㎜ 701.5㎜ 451-800L 1.7㎏/18㎏ 75㎜
NS-100 169.3×121.5×502×210㎜ 723.5㎜ 801-1,400L 2.0㎏/25㎏ 100㎜
NS-125 194.8×121.5×554×250㎜ 775.5㎜ 1,401-2,500L 2.4㎏/33㎏ 125㎜
NS-150 220.2×121.5×580×280㎜ 801.5㎜ 2,501-3,500L 2.8㎏/57㎏ 150㎜
NS-200 271.3×121.5×604×330㎜ 825.5㎜ 3,501-4,900L 3.5㎏/80㎏ 200㎜
NS-250 322.4×121.5×706×400㎜ 927.5㎜ 4,901-6,500L 4.8㎏/95㎏ 250㎜

Installation section

Domestic hot water system
Domestic hot water system
Circulating chilled, heating water pipework
Circulating chilled and heating water pipework
Air-conditioning condenser water system
Evaporative air-conditioning system
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