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Privacy Policy

Basic Policy

Japan System Planning Co., Ltd. (the company) regards the management of personal information as the highest priority in its business operation. The following privacy policy applies to the company, which policy demands not only our executives and employees but also our business partners to understand and cooperate with the privacy policy to ensure proper handling of the personal information obtained by the company.

Definition of Personal Information

Personal Information that the company handles mainly includes the following items.

  1. Personal Information collected by phone, by fax, with letters, from the internet, via email, etc.
  2. Personal Information obtained from questionnaire surveys
  3. Personal Information obtained from customers and after-sales services

Handling of Personal Information

  1. The company collects information, such as name, company name, job title, address, phone number, fax number, date of birth, email address and other description deemed as personal information.
  2. When the company outsources the handling of personal information to its business subcontractors, the company shall confirm that the protection of personal information is done properly, enter into an agreement for the protection of personal information, and if necessary, take appropriate measures, such as audits.
  3. Use of Personal Information
    The company utilizes the registered personal information only to the extent necessary to achieve the following goals.
  • To conclude a contract between a customer and the company
  • To deal with customers
  • To provide after-sales services to customers
  • To conduct internal research
  • To offer information of products, services, etc.
  • To improve services based on questionnaire surveys
  • To use collected information

Security Management of Personal Information

  1. The company shall have a person in charge of personal information and will make every effort to ensure compliance with laws and other regulations regarding personal information.
  2. The company shall keep personal information accurate and up-to-date.
  3. The company shall endeavor to implement appropriate measures to ensure security control of acquired personal information to prevent leakage, loss, damage, unauthorized computer access, etc. of personal information.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

The company shall not disclose personal information to third parties without the prior consent of the information source. However, this does not apply to the following cases:

  1. Cases that disclosure of personal information is requested based on laws and regulations
  2. Cases that personal information is necessary for the protection of life, body and property.
  3. Cases that personal information is necessary for cooperating with a local government or a public institution.

Compliance with laws, regulations, and other codes

The company shall comply with the Japanese laws, regulations and codes related to protection of personal information and shall review and improve the content of the private policy as appropriate.

Inquires about the Private Policy

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Confirmation, Revision or Deletion of Personal Information.
The company shall respond when being requested for confirmation, revision and deletion of obtained personal information.

To Protect Personal Information

  1. The company complies with laws and regulations regarding personal information and its protection policy.
  2. The company shall review and improve the private policy as appropriate to properly use private information properly and ensure its protection.
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