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Anti-calcium scale application
A Carillion building’s coffee/tea vending machines

Tea & coffee vending machines conducted a six-month test trial of Non-Scalor to solve the issue of calcium scale that was clogging their water tubes.  

 Before the trial, the three automats newly replaced their water tubes and washed inside the water tanks connected to the tubes. Then, they installed Non-Scalor on two of the machines to compare the device’s effectiveness against calcium scale in the tubes with and without the scale preventer.

Installed Non-Scalor NS-50

 As a result, the ones with Non-Scalor had no calcium scale being built up inside their tubes. On the other hand, calcium scale clogged up more than half of the tube with no Non-Scalor.

 Moreover, the two tea/coffee makers with Non-Scalor had a slight calcium scale deposit at the bottom of their water tanks, but the unprotected machine’s water tank had a large calcium scale deposit at the bottom.

Comparison of calcium scale deposit six months after installing Non-Scalor

Tested vending machines#1 with Non-Scalor and a filter#2 with Non-Scalor#3 without Non-Scalor
Inside the tubesAlmost no scale adhesionAlmost no scale adhesionOver a half of the inside
of the plastic tube
being clogged with
calcium scale
Lower water tanksSmall calcium scale deposit seen at the bottomSmall calcium scale deposit seen at the bottomLarger calcium scale deposit seen at the bottom
Upper water taknsNo remarkable changeNo remarkable changeNo remarkable change

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