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Millennium Hotel London Mayfair

Millennium Hotel London Mayfair is one of the most prestigious hotels situated in Central London, once being a residence of the Duchess of Kendal during the 18th Century.

To protect pipes against internal corrosion, the hotel installed one Pipetector PT-200DS on its central heating water pipework.

After the installation, iron-ion content in the water dramatically decreased to 0.16 mg/ℓ from 15.7 mg/ℓ within just a month.

Millennium Hotel London Mayfair
Millennium Hotel London Mayfair

Moreover, water discoloration once seen before the installation became also clear within a month.

It means Pipetector terminated the formation of corrosion inside the pipework and reduced the existing corrosion into magnetite, which does not dissolve in water. From then on, Pipetector will protect the hotel’s central heating pipework from any internal corrosion and extend its lifespan as long as that of the hotel.

Millennium Hotel London Mayfair

Installation Summary

NameMillennium Hotel London Mayfair
LocationMayfair, London, UK
ProfileA luxury hotel with 348 beds and 7 Floors
Installation dateSeptember 23, 2008
Installation location,
product model and number
Outlet pipe of a hot water tank, PT-200DS × 1 unit

Change in iron-ion contents in water

Millennium Hotel London Mayfair
Installation Day
Sep.23, 2008
After a month
Nov. 5, 2008

Certificate of water quality testing 

Millennium Hotel London Mayfair

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