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Whittington Hospital (NHS Foundation Trust)

Whittington Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in North London, built during the 1860s. The boiler plant room supplies hot water to the entire hospital complex with an iron pipeline, mostly 30 to 40 years old. This system also supplies the water to the areas of day surgery, administration and sterile services located within Block C.
To protect the entire pipework from internal corrosion, the hospital installed one NMR Pipetector PT-100DS on a four-inch diameter header pipe in the plant room.

Only after 12 days, the iron-ion content in the water considerably decreased from 7.33 mg/ℓ to 0.133 mg/ℓ. After 29 days, the level further dropped to 0.077 mg/ℓ which is much lower than the British standard for drinking water quality set at 0.2mg/ℓ. It indicates NMR Pipetector immediately terminated the new formation of corrosion inside the pipework and reduced the existing corrosion to magnetite, which does not dissolve in water. NMR Pipetector will now protect inside the pipework from any internal corrosion.


BuildingWhittington Hospital
LocationHighgate Hill, London, UK
ProfileHospital building
Installation dateMay 3, 2006
Installation location,
model and number
A domestic hot water header pipe in the boiler plant room,
PT-100DS × 1

Change in iron-ion content in water

Whittington Hospital (NHS)
Dec. 5, 2005
After 12 days
May 15,
After 19 days
May 22,
After 29 days
Jun. 1, 2006
British standard for
drinking water quality
※500 ml of water sample was taken in the morning.

Certificate of water quality testing