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Royal Garden Hotel London

Royal Garden Hotel London
Royal Garden Hotel London

Royal Garden Hotel London in Kensington, England, belongs to one of the most prestigious hotel chains in the world. It was built in 1965, renovated from 1994 to 1996, and now contains 400 guest rooms. To protect the hotel’s domestic hot water pipe systems from internal corrosion, the hotel installed Pipetector PT-200DS, PT-100DS, and PT-75DS onto three independent hot water flow headers in the main building. After 25 days, iron content was drastically reduced from 2.79 mg/l to 0.016 mg/l. After 36 days, Pipetector kept iron content low at 0.013 mg/l. These results are far below the British drinking water act set at 0.2 mg/l.

Domestic hot water pipework
Domestic hot water pipework

The decrease in iron content shows Pipetector stopped the new formation of corrosion inside the pipework and reduced the existing corrosion to magnetite, which does not dissolve in water.

As a follow-up study, the hotel sampled hot water on June 29, 2020, 14 years after the installation, and requested a third-party institution to analyze the water quality.
As a result, the iron content in hot water was 0.00 mg/l. This indicates the excellent effect of Pipetector entirely reducing internal corrosion to magnetite in the circulating domestic hot water piping over the past 14 years. Now that the pipeline inside is completely coated with the layers of black rust, Pipetector will protect the pipe from internal corrosion regardless of the hotel’s water consumption.

Installation Summary

NameRoyal Garden Hotel London
LocationKensington High Street, London, UK
Building profileA hotel built in 1965 with approx. 400 guest rooms
Installation dateNovember 23, 2006
Installation pipes8, 4 and 3-inch hot water pipe headers:
PT-200DS x 1 unit, PT-100DS x 1 unit, PT-75DS x 1 unit

Change in iron content in water

Royal Garden Hotel London Change in iron content in water (mg/L)
Apr. 10, 2006
After 25 days
Dec. 18, 2006
After 36 days
Dec. 29, 2006
After 14 years
Jun. 29, 2020
The British
Drinking Water Act

Certificate of water quality testing


Client testimonial

Client testimonial

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