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Food Factory in Shizuoka Prefecture

The food factory.
The food factory

 It has been 11years since the food factory was built, and High Impact Vinyl Pipes (HI-VP) have been used. The factory has used well water.

Generally, well water has more bacteria than tap water, and it causes to form and grow slime easily.

Pipetector was installed in order to prevent growing the bacteria in the cooling tower of the food factory.

As the result, algae of the cooling tower stops growing because of the effect of Pipetector. 

NMR Pipetector

Before the installation of Pipetector, the number of single cell bacteria was 640, and colored from organic dirt was 8 degrees.

4 weeks after the installation, the single cell bacteria decreased to 270 and colored decreased to 3 degrees. The consumption of potassium permanganate (KMnO4) decreased from 13.3 mg/l to 11.4 mg/l, remains after evaporation of water decreased from 952 mg/l to 499 mg/l, nitrogen nitrous acid from decreased 13.2 mg/l to 4.7 mg/l.

The water examination proves that the water treated by Pipetector improved the quality of water a lot.

Installation Summary

LocationShizuoka prefecture, Japan
Building profileFactory (11 years after construction)
Installation dateOctober 30, 1998
Installation pipesOn inlet of well water pump
(HI-VP 40mm)  PIPETECTOR  PT- 50DS×1unit

Water Quality Test Results

After 4 weeks
Single cell bacteria640270
Nitrogen nitrous acid (mg/l) [No3-No2-]13.24.7
Chlorine ion (mg/l)28.39.8
Potassium permanganate KMn4(mg/l)13.311.4
Colored (degree)83
Remains after evaporation of water(㎎/ℓ)952499

Record of Water Quality Test Result 

Record of Water Quality Test Result 

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