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Anti-calcium scale application
Major wire rod factory’s centrifuge in Japan

Centrifuge The wire rod factory uses a centrifuge to separate oil-water emulsion, which is used in the process of manufacturing. The separated water is then discharged as wastewater.However, soon after the factory started using the centrifugal device, it caused frequent malfunctions that affected the factory's operation. When factory engineers checked the apparatus, a hard scale was built up on the centrifuge...
Office buildings-JPN

Yaesu Guchi Kaikan Hall

The Yaesu Guchi Kaikan hall was constructed 49 years ago, using galvanized steel for its air-conditioning heating plus chilled water pipework*. The pipe was corroded with red rust inside, so the hall adopted the anti-corrosion pipe renewal device Pipetector, which cost 1/10 compared with the whole pipe replacement. *It is a type of air-conditioning system that handles both heating and chilled water in a single ...
Commercial facilities-JPN

A major bookstore chain headquarters in Shinjuku, Tokyo

A major bookstore chain’s Shinjuku HQ, which was built *57 years ago, is one of the historically valuable structures designated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. As the building aged, the bookshop was alarmed by the deterioration of its air-conditioning heating and chilled water pipe system stretched throughout the building; the piping was damaged by internal corrosion. *As of 2021 To deal with the...

DPE Factory

Pipetector was installed on the outlet pipe of elevated tank at the photo service factory building in November 2000. It has been 35 years since this building was built, and since the water supply pipe was made of Steel Galvanized Pipe (SGP), it was suffering from red colored water. Other methods such as magnet, electric power, and ceramics can wash off corrosion developed inside pipework to worsen the...
Commercial facilities-JPN

Teikoku Gekijyou (Imperial Theatre)

Teikoku Gekijyou (Imperial Theatre) Pipetector has accomplished taking care of corrosion inside domestic tap and air-conditioning water pipes at a 55-year-old commercial building. It has one of the most renowned musical theatres across the nation: Teikoku Gekijyou (Imperial Theatre). Besides the theatre, it contains restaurants, business offices, museums and other tenants. The facility was suffering from ...

Japanese Red Cross Medical Center

Japanese Red Cross Medical Center Since chemical inhibitors are not allowed to use to protect water pipes from being damaged by corrosion because it is no good for health. Corrosion colored water was found in many rooms, so PIPETECTOR, which does not need the construction work to stop water supplying, was installed in order to stop corrosion and prolong the water supply pipes for more than 40 years. 6 week...

Food Factory in Shizuoka Prefecture

The food factory It has been 11years since the food factory was built, and High Impact Vinyl Pipes (HI-VP) have been used. The factory has used well water. Generally, well water has more bacteria than tap water, and it causes to form and grow slime easily. Pipetector was installed in order to prevent growing the bacteria in the cooling tower of the food factory. As the result, algae of the cooling t...

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (Kyushu Factory)

Before the installation Magnetite 4.0% Inside of the cooling water pipe was seriously blockaded caused by corrosion. Therefore, the clogged cooling water pipe for the welding robot stopped the whole production line often. 9 months after the installation Magnetite 43.6% The corrosion was reduced to magnetiteand clogs of the cooling water pipe disappeared. So, the whole productio...
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