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City, University of London

City, University of London, 47 years old, is one of the major universities located in the north of London. The university had major issues related to internal corrosion in its central heating system resulting in a high level of iron in the water. To protect the entire pipework, the educational institute installed one Pipetector PT-200DS on the system’s main supply pipe on June 13, 2013.

City University of London

Before the installation of Pipetector, the iron content was 3.407 mg/L. However, it was reduced to 0.084 mg/L after two weeks which indicated a reduction of over 75%. It means Pipetector terminated the new formation of corrosion inside the pipework as well as reduced the existing corrosion to magnetite, which does not dissolve in water. The piping will now be protected from any internal corrosion in the absence of external corrosion with a firm protective coating of magnetic for 40+ years.

Installed Pipetector
Installed Pipetector


NameCity, University of London
LocationNorthampton Square, London, UK
ProfileA university built in 1966
Installation dateJune 13, 2013
Device’s locationCentral heating main supply pipe,
PT-200DS × 1

Changes in iron content in the water

City University of London
After 2 weeks
Jul. 1, 2013

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