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Fenchurch Building

Fenchurch Building
Fenchurch Building

The Fenchurch, an office building approximately a hundred years old, is owned by one of the largest property owners and developers in the UK, Land Securities Ple.

A major refit took place at the office block thirty years ago, but the domestic hot water pipework of the Fenchurch was contaminated with corrosion.

Water testing detected a high level of iron content, and discolored water was also coming from taps throughout the building.

To protect the hot water pipework from internal corrosion, Fenchurch installed one Pipetector on the outlet galvanized steel pipe of a plate heat exchanger on May 19, 2004.

The Fenchurch sampled the hot water from a hot water tap at the 6th-floor lady’s room to analyze iron-ion content before installation. The result was 5.2 mg/L.

However, just 9 days after installation, Pipetector reduced the level to 0.4 mg/L, and discolored water stopped coming from the tap as well. After 43 days, Pieptector kept the level at 0.5 mg/L.

The iron content will be maintained at a low level as Pieptector reduces corrosion to magnetite, which is insoluble in water, inside the pipework.

Heat plate exchanger outlet pipe
Heat plate exchanger outlet pipe

Installation Summary

NameThe Fenchurch
LocationLondon, UK
Building profileOffice building
Installation dateMay 19, 2004
Installation pipeOutlet pipe of a plate heat exchanger in the boiler room
PT-30DS × 1

Changes in iron-ion content in water

Changes in iron-ion content in water
Installation date
May 19, 2004
After 9 days
May 28, 2004
After 23 days
June 11, 2004
After 43 days
July 1, 2004

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