Completely stops formation of red rust inside water pipes

Reduces existing red rust (corrosion) to black rust (magnetite) and provides with complete protection against rusting throughout pipework.

What is black rust (magnetite)?

Black rust is a hard, crystal substance with its cubic size less than 1/10 of that of red rust. It has been used as an anti-corrosive substance through the ages as surface coating of cooking utensils, such as traditional frying pans and teapots, as well as steel locomotives.

Extends life span of water pipes for more than 40 years. Provides with protective coating of magnetite to inner surface of pipes.

Clears clog by reducing corrosion to magnetite, which cubic size is 1/10 of that of corrosion.

Completely solves water discoloration caused by internal corrosion.

Costs less than 1/10 of that of pipe replacement

No external powers nor chemicals necessary. Free from maintenance!

Does not disrupt ongoing water service during installation work. An ideal solution for internal rust prevention to hotel and hospital water pipes!

Applicable to various pipe diameters, ranging from 25 to 2,000 mm.

Eliminates algae and single cell bacteria as well.

Has 10-year product warranty.