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Office buildings, hospitals, schools, condos and many other buildings were built one after another during the high growth period and the bubble economy years in Japan. Now that decades have past since then, the buildings are facing a rapid deterioration. Although buildings themselves can continue to function with proper maintenance, it is difficult to address pipes, measure of which is indispensable for water infrastructure business, as deterioration occurs inside piping and is hard to be seen from the outside. Water pipes naturally become old as buildings do, but the problem is that there are many cases we realize water leaks when it is too late. Lifespan of building is generally about 50 years, while that of pipe is around 20 years.

Now, an anti-corrosion, pipe renewal device NMR Pipetector successfully applies a technology called nuclear magnetic resonance to reduce red rust to black rust, cubic size of which is 1/10 of red rust. Black rust is a substance composed of hard crystals, and with NMR Pipetector, it is formed on inner surface of water pipes to increase pipe strength. Once NMR Pipetector is installed, water pipes can be used as long as building lifespan if not for external corrosion. This will significantly cut cost of pipe maintenance to 1/5 or even 1/10.

My company is proud of being able to dedicate to environment as NMR Pipetector also cuts carbon dioxide emissions generated from pipe replacement works. Do you know how much CO2 is emitted from iron pipe mining? The secondary disaster caused by greenhouse gases including CO2, has spread to a global scale. This is not someone else’s problem. NMR Pipetector has acquired a high reputation in European countries. In the UK, for example, NMR Pipetector is installed at many historical buildings including Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, the Palace of Westminster and other iconic buildings. This is exactly the philosophy to continue using things for a long time to pass them on to the next generation. I beliene our technology will help our future generation live a healthy life.

December 3, 2019
President Katsuyuki Kumano
Japan System Planning Co., Ltd.

President's Profile

Birthplace Tokyo, Japan
Academic background Graduated from Tokyo University of Science, Department of Industrial Chemistry
Career Entered Dai Nippon Printing Cor. after graduated from the university
1988 Established Japan System Planning Co., Ltd as President
Established Japan Health Food Co., Ltd. (Now Japan Healthcare Co., Ltd.) as President
1993 Established Japan Mongolia Cross Link Association as Chairman
1996 Co-founded International Economic and Commerce University of Mongolia as Honorary Professor and Honorary Doctor
2002 Established Japan Myanmar Cross Link Association as Chairman
Established NMR Corporation as President
2002 Established Tokyo Oedo Lions Club as Chairman
2003 Presented a treatise on NMR Method, a rust prevention technology, at the 13th Asian Pacific Corrosion Control Conference at Osaka Univerty
2005 Presented a treatise on a technology to prevent pipe oxidation in a scientific journal issued by the Japan Association of Corrosion Control
2010 Presented a research on anti-oxidation technology in blood vessels at World Congress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, World Pharma 2010, in Copenhagen, Denmark
2013 Presented a research on NMR Pipetector's effect to platelets in living body at Microdialysis Study Group in December 2013
2018 Presented a research on NMR Pipetector's blood pressure reduction at World Congress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, World Pharma 2018, in Kyoto in 2018
Other Positions Japan Healthcare Co., Ltd. President
NMR Corporation President
International Economic and Commerce University of Mongolia Honorary Professor and Doctor
Other Organizations

Japan Mongolia Cross Link Association Chairman
Japan Myanmar Cross Link Association Chairman
Tokyo Oedo Lions Club Original Chairman
Member of Japan Society of Corrosion Engineering
Member of the Society of Heating, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan
Member of Japan Institute for Condominium Living


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