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4 Reasons

Many Successful Works

One of the reasons NMR Pipetector is chosen by our customers is the achievenets we have made.
NMR Pipetector not just has many installations but is also installed at famous buildings, including Buckingham Palace in the UK.
Feedback from the customers are a solid proof that represents satisfaction to NMR Pipetector.

Our History


With support from our customers, we have been progressing together with NMR Pipetector.

Since our founding in 1988, NMR Pipetector has been our main product for over 25 years.
We are able to develop, receiving support through many years from customers who chosed our product.
We have been striving to satisfy our customers, and that is why we propose our products with confiddence.



Thanks to our customers, we installed NMR Pipetector at over 4,200 buildings!

The number of successful achievements is increasing every year, and as of March 2020, the total number of installations has gratefully exceeded 4,200.
About 3,000 among them are apartments, and NMR Pipetector can be installed at any buildings, such as government facilities, public institutuions and commercial facilities.
Mainly there are five types of piping systems that NMR Pipetector is suitable: water mains piping, central heating, chilled water pipework, domestic cold, and hot water pipework.



NMR Pipetector is installed at famous buildings,
including The Guildhall London West Wing and was honored to receive many client testimonials.

NMR Pipetector is highly evaluated for its safeness and rust-preventing effect and is introduced to many famous buildings.
We have been installing NMR Pipetector not only in Japan but also overseas countries. We received client's testimonials, and
the Royal Bank of Scotland has highly evaluated NMR Pipetector's rust-preventing effect after a year of the installation at one of its branches.

4 Reasons Why NMR Pipetector is Chosen

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