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4 Reasons

Reason 02

The second reason why NMR Pipetector is chosen by our customers is that it has excellent cost-effectiveness.
NMR Pipetector is very cost-effective as it satisfies our customers throughout the product lifespan and goes with safe installation work.
Expenses required for pipe maintenance can be significantly cut, and leftover budget fund can be used for other purposes, such as investments to increase asset value of your building.

NMR Pipetector costs 1/5 to 1/10 than pipe replacement does
*Compared with replacement cost of domestic cold-water piping in apartments

Installation costs 1/5-1/10 of pipe replacement cost

Absolutely cheaper than pipe replacement

Pipe replacement costs about 6 to 10 thousand U.S. dollar per family living in apartment.
On the other hand, NMR Pipetector costs 1/5 to 1/10 than pipe replacement does.
In other words, the cost can be reduced by 80 to 90%.

No need to shut off water supply

No need for water outage

Unnecessary risks can be avoided as there is no need to shut off water supply

Water supply has to be shut off for pipe replacement, which also costs a lot of money.
However, there is no need to do so for NMR Pipetector.
With the product, residents at apartments and condos do not need to line up everyday for a portable bathroom during pipe replacement works.
Pipe replacement needs to suspend facility operation of commercial buildings and hospital as water supply is ceased during such works. This leads to a large financial loss.
It can be very profitable to the residents and building owners by avoiding so.

Zero-maintenance and operation costs!

Zero maintenance and running costs!

Zero-maintenance and opretaion costs!

NMR Pipetector does not use any consumable parts nor chemical drugs, so there is no operation cost required.
Also, the product itself is maintenance-free, which leads to labor and cost reduction.
It extends lifespan of piping as long as that of building, and there is no maintenance nor operation cost throughout the product's lifespan, which feature is a great benefit for customers.

Contributes to increase asset value of buildings

Provide better asset management

Achieving better building asset by cutting cost

With the use of NMR Pipetector, budget for pipe maintenance and replacement can be saved.
For example, an apartment can use leftover budget fund to increase its asset value.
Some of our customers used leftover budgets for exterior wall painting, roof waterproofing, and even newly installing an elevator.

4 Reasons Why NMR Pipetector is Chosen

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