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4 Reasons

Reason 03
Outstanding Functions

The third reason NMR Pipetector is chosen by our clients is excellence in its obvious functions.
The device solves annoying problems related to internal red rust and strengthens pipe itself.
Here, we are pleased to explain the functions and mechanism of the product.

Solves red rust-related problems in piping all together!

Solves red rust-related problems in piping all together!

Red rust adheres to inner surface of iron water pipes as time goes by.
Red rust dissolves in water and has a chemical property that makes iron corrode and crumble, causing several red rust-relaed issues, such as water discoloration, clogging, water leak and pipe joint break.

Turn Red Rust to Black Rust

Turn Red Rust to Black

NMR Pipetector reduces red rust to black rust

By utilizing free electrons, or hydrated electrons, NMR Pipetector converts internal red rust to a different substance called black rust.

What Is Black Rust?

Chemical properties of black rust

Black rust does not dissolve in water and has an octahedral solid crystal structure,
whose cubic volume is less than 1/10 compared with that of red rust.
Black rust is used as a protective coating on the surface of iron products, such as steel locomotives.
Black rust forms a firm layer on the surface of iron and protects it from rusting for centuries.
By converting red rust to black rust, level of iron dissolving in water is reduced and water discoloration is stopped.

Rust prevention and pipe renewal effects of NMR Pipetector sustain for more than 40 years with daily water consumption at 200 ~ 300 litter per water tap.
In short, NMR Pipetector can keep your pipe available as long as lifespan of your building.

Insoluble, Smaller Cubic Size, Solid Anti-Corrosive Coating Difference between pipe rinsing and NMR Pipetector

Difference between pipe rinsing and NMR Pipetector

In pipe rinsing, a conventional and major method to address red rust, pipes are damaged and deteriorated when red rust is removed.
However, NMR Pipetector
improves red rust clogging inside pipes while strengthens pipe itself, not damaging its inner surface.

Sustainable Effect

Sustainable Effect

Extends lifespan of pipes to that of building

If there is daily water consumption at about 200L to 300L per day, NMR Pipetector's anti-corrosion, pipe renewal effect will last for more than 40 years, meaning that lifespan of your pipes be extended as long as that of building. There are many cases where piping's lifespan actually extended for more than 40 to 50 years with NMR Pipetector.

Safer and More Hygienic Water

Safer and More Hygienic Water

Eliminates sliminess caused by bacteria

NMR Pipetector can permanently eliminate single-cell bacteria just by installing it from outside a pipe. Pipe rinsing requires repeated cleaning once every 3 to 4 years to prevent bacteria from reoccurring. However, this hastens pipe deterioration as the cleaning worns off pipe thickness.

Product Structure

Product Structure

~Chemical reaction in water pipes~

  • How the NMR Pipetector Works
  • Red rust occurs in iron pipes when the pipes are oxidized with oxygen and water. This process can be expressed in chemical formula as 4FeO + 3O2 + 2H2O → 4FeO (OH). At this time, iron is deprived of electrons through oxidation process. In other words, iron oxidation stops when electrons are given to iron. With this reaction, NMR Pipetector reduces red rust to black rust by supplying electrons called hydrated electron to red rust. This reaction is 6FeO (OH) + 2e-2Fe3O4 + 2H2O + 2OH- in chemical formula.

~Hydrated Electrons are Located inside Normal Water Molecules~

  • ~Hydrated Electrons are Hidden in Water Molecules~
  • Water is aggregaion of water molucules (H2O). This aggregatation is called water cluster, which contains hydrated electrons.

~Using Hydrated Electrons~

  • ~Inside Pipes after Installing sNMR Pipetector~
  • NMR Pipetector generates certain electromagnetic waves that relocate hydrated electrons inside normal water clusters to their outer surface. When the specific electromagnetic waves are emitted to water molecules, their nuclei, which are polarized to the North and South poles like magnets, start to resonate and cause a rotation. This phenomenon is called nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). With the NMR phenomenon and water flow in pipes, hydrated electrons are emitted throughout piping from the outer surface of smaller water clusters.

~Inside Pipes after Installing NMR Pipetector~

~Inside Pipes after Installing the NMR Pipetector~

4 Reasons Why NMR Pipetector is Chosen

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