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4 Reasons

Reason 04
Obvious Effect

The fourth reason why NMR Pipetector is chosen by our customers is its clear effectiveness.
The effectiveness is measured by a third-party testing organization in numeric figures in a short time.

Confirm effectiveness in a short term

Confirm effectiveness in a short term

The effectiveness can be confirmed within a month at the shortest

Actual benefits of NMR Pipetector can be obtained within a month after it is installed.
NMR Pipetector is an ideal and quick solution for red rust-related problems, such as water discoloration and pipe cloggings.
*Required time varies, depending on conditions. Please contact us for detailed information.

Trial test methods

We set the most appropriate method for test trials, depending on types of building and piping.
We mainly offer four methods: *endoscopy, filtering, water sampling and cutting pipe section.
*Endoscopy is done in Japan only

*Iron contents were tested at Miyagiken Kogai Eisei Kensa Center (Hygiene and Environment Pollution Center in Miyagki Prefecture, Japan)

*Black rust ratio was tested at Material Science Technology Association

Our engineers carry out trial tests in the presence of customers, since no other organization besides ourselves can conduct accurate endoscopy measuring rates of clogging.

Effectiveness proven by a third-party,
scientific institution

Effectiveness proven by a third-party institution

A third-party, scientific institution proved the effectiveness of NMR Pipetector

NMR Pipetector effectiveness was tested by Prof.
Yuta from Hokkaido University at Industrial Technology Research Facility in Hokkaido as a scientific proof.
In detail, level of iron content in water was 0.786 ㎎/ℓ before installation but was gradually reduced in a month after installation and was further reduced to 0.262 ㎎/ℓ after 4 months. The level is now less than that of the Japanese Drinking Water Safeness Act set at 0.3 ㎎/ℓ.

Test result at Industrial Technology Research Facility in Hokkaido

Before installation After 1 month After 2 months After 4 months The Japanese Drinking Water Safeness Act
Iron content (㎎/ℓ) 0.786 0.553 0.423 0.262 <0.300
Color (degree) 14.7 13 9 5 <5

*Sampled 500 cc of water at the earliest in the morning. The water was unused for consecutive 8 hours during the night.

4 Reasons Why NMR Pipetector is Chosen

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