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Robert Debré maternal and child protection center in Rueil-Malmaison, France

Owned by the city of Rueil-Malmaison in France, Robert Debré is a medical center providing health care for mothers and children.

The institution decided to introduce Pipetector for its over 20-year-old domestic hot water pipe system to protect it from internal corrosion.

The hot water’s iron-ion content was 0.79 mg/ℓ, and discolored water was also coming out of taps before the installation of Pipetector.

However, six weeks after the installation, the level dropped to 0.29 mg/ℓ, and it further sunk to 0.04 mg/ℓ after 12 weeks, a figure below the French standard for drinking water set at 0.2mg/ℓ.

Pipetector attained the result by terminating the new development of red rust inside the pipework and reducing the existing red rust to black rust that would not dissolve in water.


NameRobert Debré PMI (protection maternelle et infantile) Center
LocationRueil-Malmaison, France
ProfileMore than 20 years old
Installation dateJuly 24, 2003
Installation location,
model and number
Outlet of hot water boiler, galvanized steel, 40 mm in diameter
Pipetector PT-50DS x 1

Change in iron-ion content in water

Change in iron-ion content in water
Jul. 22, 2003
After six weeks
Sep. 4, 2003
After 12 weeks
Oct. 14, 2003
Drinking water quality
Analyzed by Mr. Saintoyant, technical service engineer

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