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Extending life expectancy of piping up to that of building

Extending life expectancy of piping up to that of building

The only way to extend the life expectancy of existing steel pipes to that of building is to reduce internal red rust to black rust. Removing red rust by cleaning or sand blasting will damage piping inside and reduce its strength. Our product Pipetector can convert red rust to black rust without being in direct contact with water and thus not damage steel pipes within. While the building lifespan is prolonged, the service life of water supply pipes (vinyl-lined steel pipe) and air-conditioning water pipes (galvanized steel pipe) are still less than the half the building life expectancy. Since we cannot see through inside steel pipes, we cannot notice any signs of progress of red rust. If we use deteriorated old pipes continuously, internal red rust will progress furthermore and we will end up having problems, such as discolored water and water leaks.

Extending life expectancy of piping up to that of building

Successfully utilizing the NMR technology

Successfully utilizing the NMR technology, our anti-corrosion device Pipetector prevents red rust formation in steel pipes, strengthens them, and reduces existing red rust to black rust, which does not dissolve in water. Black rust has one-tenth of volume compared with that of red rust, therefore, such chemical reaction will improve blockage related to red rust in steel pipes. Pipetector is the best choice to prevent red rust-related problems and strengthen water pipes, not to mention mains water and air-conditioning water pipes. With Pipetector, existing pipes can be used as long as the life expectancy of buildings if not for presence of external corrosion, and also eliminates the need of pipe replacement.


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