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Obtaining patents

Patented one after another

Pipetector, a device to address red rust problems in steel pipes, obtained patents in Japan, the US, S. Korea and Hong Kong. In the past, patents were granted only if they were unique. In recent years, however, they are closely examined whether they have high reproducibility, in addition to their uniqueness.

Japan patent
Japan patent

US patents

New technologies are subject to a strict test to confirm their actual practicality when obtaining a patent. Even though, Pipetector passed detailed testing to obtain a US patent.

U.S. patent
U.S. patent

Penetrating into the UK market

Pipetector also obtained a patent in the UK and established credibility by presenting its paper at an international conference on corrosion control. Receiving an endorsement from the University of Cambridge, a medical center affiliated with the university called Addenbrooke’s Hospital was the first UK hospital to adopt Pipetector to its domestic hot water piping on Feb. 16, 2004.

After 11 days, Pipetector lowered the level of iron-ion in the galvanized steel pipe from 1.07 mg/ℓ, before installation, to 0.188 mg/ℓ. The figure is below the standard of British water quality set at 0.2 mg/ℓ.

Shortly thereafter, this successful achievement was passed onto NHS Foundation Trust. As a result, St. Thomas Hospital adopted Pipetector, followed by subsequent installations at Whittington Hospital, Maudsley Hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital, Hammersmith Hospital, and many others. Pipetector significantly lowered levels of iron-ion in water in every case study, proving its effectiveness in addressing red rust-relating issues.

St Thomas' Hospital
St. Thomas Hospital

Consultant companies recommended and introduced Pipetector to hospitals, many five-star hotels, and other iconic British buildings. Those include Harrods department store, British Broadcasting Corporation, Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, the British Museum, the Guildhall London, City, University of London, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott Hotel, Hilton Hotel Portsmouth, Thistle Westminster Hotel, Holiday Inn London Heathrow M4 Jct.4, Millennium Hotel London Mayfair, Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park London and the Royal Garden Hotel London. We are pleased every building that adopted Pipetector significantly reduced iron-ion levels in the water.


Subsidized by the UK government

Because of the solid achievements, Pipetector has become recognized by the UK government. Our UK subsidiary, Japan System Planning UK, Inc., received a grant from the government in promoting Pipetector in other European nations.

With the US patent, we obtained our company’s DUNS number, which is required for any business transactions with the US military and other US government bodies. On Jan. 25, 2011, the US Naval Hospital in Yokosuka, Japan, installed Pipetector, which clearly demonstrated the effectiveness in preventing red rust in the hospital’s water tube.

British Broadcasting Corporation(BBC)

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