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Located in London, Harrods is one of the most famous UK department stores, having a long history since its open in 1849. Its domestic hot water pipework was approx. 25-30 years old and was using galvanized steel for the pipeline. Harrods was experiencing clogs and water discoloration problems due to internal corrosion in its tubes supplying hot water throughout the store.

Header pipe of the domestic hot water
Header pipe of the domestic hot water

To protect the pipework from internal corrosion, Harrods installed Pipetector PT-150DS on a domestic hot water pipe header, 6 inches in diameter, connected to two plate heat exchangers.

Only 39 days after the installation, iron-ion content in the water was reduced to 0.44 mg/ℓ from 1.294 mg/ℓ; after 47 days, the level decreased to 0.058 mg/ℓ; after 67 days, the level further decreased to 0.022 mg/ℓ, a figure much lower than the British drinking water standard set at 0.2mg/ℓ. It means Pipetector immediately terminated the new formation of corrosion inside the pipework and reduced the existing corrosion to magnetite, which does not dissolve in water. Pipetector will now protect the pipework from any internal corrosion.

Installation Summary

LocationBrompton Road, Knightsbridge, London, UK
Building SummaryDepartment store
Installation DateMarch 31, 2006
Installation location,
product model and number
A 6-inch domestic hot header pipe,
PT-150DS × 1

Change in iron-ion contents in water

Feb. 6, 2006
After 39 days
May 9, 2006
After 47 days
May 17, 2006
After 67 days
Jun. 6, 2006
drinking water quality standard


Certificate of water quality testing 

Certificate of water quality testing 
Certificate of water quality testing 

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