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How can I extend the lifespan of water pipes?

Washing away red rust is not the smartest idea to take care of pipes. Conventional methods to deal with pipe rusting, such as cleansing and sandblasting, can damage inside the tubes to cause loss of their integrity. Instead, look no more than NMR Pipetector! It prevents the internal red rust by turning it into black rust without reducing the strength or being in contact with the water flowing inside.

Unlike most buildings, the lifespan of water pipes is short. It’s less than half. But because we don’t usually peek inside them, rust deterioration progresses without being noticed. If red rust is left untreated, it will develop everywhere, causing all kinds of plumbing problems such as discoloration and water leaks in the not-so-far future.

NMR Pipetector applies the phenomenon of nuclear magnetic resonance to itself. NMR Pipetector can reduce pipes’ red rust to black rust, which is passive and insoluble in water as a substance. As black rust has a one-tenth volume of red rust, clogs can be fixed by changing red rust to black rust. NMR Pipetector goes with any water supply routes. By installing one, we can use pipes in service as long as buildings’ life expectancy unless the presence of external corrosion. This also eliminates the necessity for costly pipe replacement.