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Domestic Cold-Water Pipework


Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott Hotel

Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott Hotel Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott Hotel is one of the prestigious hotels in the UK constructed in 1878. The hotel, having 160 rooms, decided to adopt Pipetector on its domestic hot and cold-water pipework systems at an urgent request from Marriott International Hotel Group to protect the piping systems from internal corrosion. The hotel installed two Pipetector PT-50DS on...

Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Addenbrooke’s Hospital Addenbrooke’s Hospital is one of the largest medical centers in the UK. The hospital has more than 1,000 beds and is administrated by Cambridge University Hospital. The Addenbrookes' moved to its present location in the southern area of Cambridge in 1976. The hospital’s engineering group was troubled by issued regarding corrosion in its domestic hot water systems covering Building C ...

DPE Factory

Pipetector was installed on the outlet pipe of elevated tank at the photo service factory building in November 2000. It has been 35 years since this building was built, and since the water supply pipe was made of Steel Galvanized Pipe (SGP), it was suffering from red colored water. Other methods such as magnet, electric power, and ceramics can wash off corrosion developed inside pipework to worsen the...
Commercial facilities-JPN

Teikoku Gekijyou (Imperial Theatre)

Teikoku Gekijyou (Imperial Theatre) Pipetector has accomplished taking care of corrosion inside domestic tap and air-conditioning water pipes at a 55-year-old commercial building. It has one of the most renowned musical theatres across the nation: Teikoku Gekijyou (Imperial Theatre). Besides the theatre, it contains restaurants, business offices, museums and other tenants. The facility was suffering from ...

Japanese Red Cross Medical Center

Japanese Red Cross Medical Center Since chemical inhibitors are not allowed to use to protect water pipes from being damaged by corrosion because it is no good for health. Corrosion colored water was found in many rooms, so PIPETECTOR, which does not need the construction work to stop water supplying, was installed in order to stop corrosion and prolong the water supply pipes for more than 40 years. 6 week...
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