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Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)


Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

The Royal Bank of Scotland conducted a water sampling test by themselves on May 7, 2019, one year after the installation of the NMR Pipetector. The iron content in the water before installation was 1.1㎎/ℓ, but was reduced to 0.03㎎/ℓ after a year. From this result, the bank confirmed that the rust-prevention effect of the NMR Pipetector is still effective after a year of the installation. We received a positive testimonial from the bank after this successful result.

Installation Purpose and Result

Installation Summary

Building Name No.250 Royal Bank of Scotland 250
Location Bishopsgate, London, UK
Building Summary A 18-year-old 11-story building
Installation Date March 23, 2018
Installation Place and Number Central Heating Pipework System, PT-200DS x 1 unit

Installation Result

Change in Fe content in Water Before Installation ~ After 11 weeks

Change in Fe content in Water

Before Installation After 2 weeks After 4 weeks After 5 weeks After 6 weeks After 7 weeks After 9 weeks After 1 year
1.10㎎/ℓ 1.30㎎/ℓ 1.10㎎/ℓ 0.88㎎/ℓ 0.41㎎/ℓ 0.51㎎/ℓ 0.39㎎/ℓ 0.03㎎/ℓ

Analysis institute Chemtest Ltd.

Fe content dropped drastically from 1.1㎎/ℓ before installation to 0.03㎎/ℓ after a year of the installation.

Customer Testimonial for NMR Pipetector

Customer Testimonial for NMR Pipetector
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