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Official Scientific Report of NMR PIPETECTOR Installation Anti-Corrosion Equipment, City University of London


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Installation Purpose and Result

City University of London is one of the major universities upon London with many buildings. One of them is 47 years old that is located in the Northern part of London; this building is where the NMR Pipetector was successfully installed.The central heating system had major the internal corrosion problems with high Fe content in water. For the complete protection of all the main central heating pipework, one unit of NMR Pipetector PT-200DS was installed onto the main flow pipe on 13th of June 2013.

Before the installation of NMR Pipetector, Fe content was 3.407 mg/l, however two weeks after the installation, Fe content decreased to 0.084 mg/l which indicates a reduction of over 75% in the Fe content. It means that new forming of corrosion (FeO(OH)) inside the pipework was terminated and the existing corrosion was reduced to magnetite (Fe3O4) which does not dissolve into water. From then on, the inner pipework is protected from any internal corrosion by a hard coating of magnetite for a period in excess of forty years.

Installation Summary

Name and Location of Building University Building

Northampton Square, London, United Kingdom

Building Summary Built in 1966
Installation Day June 13 2013
Installation Place and Amount

Central heating main pipe

PT-200DS × 1 unit

Change of Fe Content in Water(㎎/ℓ)

Change of Fe Content in Water

Fe Content in Water(㎎/ℓ)

Before Installation After 2 Weeks
Fe Content 3.407 0.084