Official Scientific Report of NMR PIPETECTOR Installation Anti-Corrosion Equipment, Harrods


  • Harrods Appearance of the building
  • Harrods Header pipe of the domestic hot water

Installation Purpose and Result

Harrods situated in Knightsbridge, London is the world’s most famous department store opened in 1849. The domestic hot water pipework in Harrods is approximately 25 to 30 years old and its material is steel galvanized pipe. It was experiencing a problem with clogging and discolored water within the domestic hot water supply throughout the store due to internal corrosion in the pipework.

For the protection of the hot water pipework from internal corrosion, one unit of NMR Pipetector PT-150DS was installed onto the 6 inches diameter header pipe of domestic hot water connected with two plate heat exchangers.

Only 39 days after the installation, Fe content in hot water decreased from 1.294 mg/l to 0.44 mg/l, and 47 days after Fe content decreased to 0.058 mg/l, and 67 days after Fe content further decreased to 0.022 mg/l which is much lower than the British Government Standard for Drinking Water of 0.2mg/l. It means that new forming of corrosion (FeO(OH)) inside the pipework was immediately terminated and existing corrosion was reduced to magnetite (Fe3O4) which does not dissolve into water. NMR Pipetector protects inner pipework from any internal corrosion.

Installation Summary

Name and Location of Building Harrods: Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London
Building Summary Department Store
Installation Day March 31 2006
Installation Place and Amount

6 inches diameter header pipe of domestic hot water system PT-150DS × 1unit

Change of Fe Content in Water(㎎/ℓ)

Change of Fe Content in Hot Water

Fe Content in Hot Water(㎎/ℓ)

Before Installation After 39 Days After 47 Days After 67 Days British Government Standard for Drinking Water
1.294 0.44 0.058 0.022 0.2