Royal Garden Hotel London

Official Scientific Report of NMR PIPETECTOR Installation Anti-Corrosion Equipment, Royal Garden Hotel London


  • Royal Garden Hotel London Appearance of the building
  • Royal Garden Hotel London Domestic hot water pipework

Installation Purpose and Result

Royal Garden Hotel London in Kensington, England belongs to one of the most prestigious hotel chains in the world built in 1965, renovated from 1994 to 1996, and contains 400 bedrooms. For the protection of the domestic hot water pipework from any internal corrosion, NMR Pipetector PT-200DS, PT-100DS and PT-75DS were installed onto three separated domestic hot water pipe works in the main building.

25 days after the installation, Fe content drastically decreased from 2.79 mg/l to 0.016 mg/l, stayed at low of 0.013 mg/l 36 days after, and these data are far below the British Government Standard for Drinking Water of 0.2mg/l. The decrease of Fe content means that new forming of corrosion (FeO(OH)) inside the pipework was terminated and the existing corrosion was reduced to magnetite (Fe3O4) which does not dissolve into water. NMR Pipetectors protect inner pipes from any internal corrosion from then on.

Installation Summary

Name and Location of Building Royal Garden Hotel: Kensington High Street, London, United Kingdom
Building Summary Hotel Building

Built in 1965, 400 Rooms

Installation Day November 23 2006
Installation Place and Amount

8 inches, 4 inches, and 3 inches domestic hot water pipe works: PT-200DS x 1 unit, PT-100DS x 1 unit, PT-75DS x 1 unit

Change of Fe Content in Water

Change of Fe Content in Water<

Change of Fe Content in Water<(㎎/ℓ)

Before Installation After 25 Days After 36 Days British Government Standard for Drinking Water
Fe Content in Water 2.79 0.016 0.013 0.2