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Suitable for a wide range of water piping

Suitable for a wide range of water piping

Suitable building types

NMR Pipetector can be installed on various types of building, such as hospitals, nursing care facilities, accommodation facilities, apartments, schools, commercial facilities, bank buildings, factories and other public facilities.

Suitable piping systems

NMR Pipetector is mainly suitable for the following five types of piping: central heating, chilled water pipework, condenser water pipework, domestic cold, and hot water pipework. Please contact us for any cases other than listed above.

*We welcome contacts from you as the first step for the installation at your site

Specification of suitable pipes

Specification of suitable pipes
Model Number Width×Length×Thickness Weight Pipe inner diameter
PT-30DS 85.8×121.5×27㎜ 0.8㎏ 6~32㎜
PT-50DS 115.5×121.5×27㎜ 1.2㎏ 40~50㎜
PT-75DS 144.1×121.5×27㎜ 1.7㎏ 65~80㎜
PT-100DS 169.3×121.5×27㎜ 2.0㎏ 100㎜
PT-125DS 194.8×121.5×27㎜ 2.4㎏ 125㎜
PT-150DS 220.2×121.5×27㎜ 2.8㎏ 150㎜
PT-200DS 271.3×121.5×27㎜ 3.5㎏ 200㎜
PT-250DS 322.4×121.5×27㎜ 4.8㎏ 250㎜
PT-300DS 373.5×121.5×27㎜ 5.6㎏ 300㎜
PT-400DS~PT-2000DS 400~2000㎜

Understanding NMR Pipetector installation
works by type of building/ pipe

Suitable place to install NMR Pipetector varies by type of pipe and structure of building. We have selected some typical examples of installation as below:

*Please contact us for details regarding installation work

For domestic water pipes in apartments

For domestic water pipes in apartments

We install NMR Pipetector on secondary pipe of either water pump or elevated tank for domestic tap water pipes in apartments.

For circulating, air-conditioning heating or chilled water systems

For circulating, condenser water systems

For central domestic hot water pipes with boiler or hot water tank (or both)

*Water molecules that pass through a pipe fitted with NMR Pipetector keep their condition for about 6 hours. This is why we need to install NMR Pipetector on outlet pipe of water equipment where large amount of water accumulates within more than 6 hours. Water equipment includes elevated tank.

*NMR Pipetector is most suitable on pipes where water runs less than 2 meters per second for its maximum efficiency. For pipes in which water runs faster than this speed, we can effectively benefit from NMR Pipetector by connecting two devices in series. Please note that NMR Pipetector installation requires at least 130 mm from a straight pipe.

*Feel free to contact us for details related to installation work

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